Carne Mountain’s Larch trees…


Above picture is 6000 level of the trail through the brilliant larches…. And below is the entire Entiat Range (from left) Seven-finger Jack, Mt. Maude (with white top) Ice Box Peak and Spectacle Buttes extending to the far right.


Carne Mt. @ 7085ft summit [pronounced as Carn] rewarded us with its spectacular Larch trees, sunny 50-ish temps which made the 6.5 hour-climb well worth it. But…I will refrain from lambasting the road condition of the last 2.5 mile stretch, which is Phelps Creek trail head road and that part was practically a car-killer.



A Recap of our high pointers to date:

Early apologies for shamelessly bragging.

Mt. Rainier@ 14,411 ft , overnight climb – Mt. Elbert@14,433 ftVolcano Teide@12,198 ft(Spain)overnight – Mauna Kea @ 13,800, Wheeler@13,167 ftHaleakala @10,023 ftMt. Fuji@ 12,388 ft/overnight climb – Emler Peak@12,300 ft (Turkey) – Humphrey@12,633 ft – Mt. Baker@10,078 ftSan Jacinto@10,834 ftGriffith Peak@11,056ftSandia Peak@10,688 ft….


A Virtual Climb of Space Needle…

As Grand Sheraton Seattle’s valued guests we were allowed to take a shot at the Needle….But the plan to hike up Carne Mountain @ 7085 ft this Friday looks like a real possibility. This peak is off Hwy 207 near Lake Wenatchee State park. All sun and no snow expected, mild temps to view golden Larch trees in a 9 hour hike.

Gros Piton and Mt. Gimie…here we come!

149252Hot in the preliminary planning stage..but Feb.2019 we plan to summit St. Lucia’s Piton mountains,  Gros Piton peak stands at 2619 ft.  The next day Mt. Gimie, which is the highest point of the island over 3000 ft. If we can find a guide. Stay tuned for more pix. Update on the Mt. Elbert story….The title switched to: Murder on the High Rockies.  Current status is: I’m tenth chapter wrestling with yet a new bombshell twist…


And here is Mt. Gimie rising to 3200 ft. next in line. The trek up to this volcanic origin rain forest will take 6 hours. Guide recommends the sulfur bath for later??